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Payment Method & Conditions of Use

  • Online Shopping accepts the following payment methods
  • We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover via Paypal payment
  • For PayPal payment, please "Add to Cart" and "Proceed to Order" to complete the order and payment with Detail shipping address and telephone number
  • Our PayPal account:
  • More payment methods will be available soon. A notification will be sent to each member.

  • Failure on Paypal Payment
  • The following methods would cause to fail the online transaction:
  • Wrong format shipping address. The shipping address you fill in order form will submit to Paypal for record. Paypal able to check the format of address, especial the City. Please make sure your shipping address is universal standard format.
  • Make sure your Paypal account login ID and password are correct.
  • Please feel free to contact Paypal for more information or contact us at

  • Order Cancellation
  • After receiving the payment confirmation, Online Shopping will issue an electronic order confirmation to customer.
  • Unless we cannot offer the customer the item, Online Shopping would NOT ACCEPT any purchase order cancellations.
  • If customer has specific reasons for asking an order cancellation, please send an email to us with detail explanations within ONE days after making the purchase.
  • Again, we normally NOT accept any purchase order cancellations. Please feel free to contact us as

  • Enquires on Purchase Order Status
  • Customers can make inquiries on their purchase orders anytime at Online Shopping. After logging into the member site, simply click into the ‘My Order’ to get the latest update on the orders.
  • Online Shopping system also tracks every new purchase order status periodically, and it will automatically send email notifications to customers on their order updates.

  • Notice on Payment
  • If you have chosen Paypal as your payment method, it is recommended that you pay on your own credit card in order to avoid any disputes over the transaction in the future.
  • Remarks: It is important not to use other’s credit card in payments


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